Sparklife presents Medellín Fun city will be the first metaverse of the city of Medellín Colombia, one of the pioneer cities in this country as a science and technology district where you can interact with all the benefits of blockchain technology and you can enter the new web forms Of value. Medellín Fun City will offer financial and commercial systems supported by smart contracts where lots, buildings and all kinds of properties will be sold in which each owner will be able to sub-develop their businesses and turn this metaverse into a new web showcase. MEDELLIN FUN CITY It will offer the sale of shares, lots, apartments, economic models, avatars, games, lotteries and endless services.The future of these new virtual cities will be to give the web a more intuitive ecosystem allowing immersion in a parallel reality and accompanied by the crypto world to generate real value to the new financial worlds.




Wait for our Cryptopoker.

The crypto poker gold chips will be the first sold in the entire ecosystem. These tokens will only be 100 with a 1:1 value with spscoin and will be the ones that give liquidity to the game at the beginning, they will obtain profits for the first people who acquire it. They will also be able to lend them because each table will be a functioning ecosystem and will need liquidity.

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Medellin - Colombia


We present the new and first Sparklife tower, where you can build an apartment or office inside to set up your own business in which you can have an almost real experience through virtual reality. This tower will have a crypto poker at its base, which will generate profits for each owner of the apartment depending on the height. You will be able to receive a greater amount of profit, the condition for you to receive this profit will be to have the NFT or your contract in the base stake, if you develop the apartment (for example, furnish and set up a business) you will have to leave the stake. You can build the interior of your apartment as you wish and generate any type of business such as galleries, offices, etc. always subject to the measures of the square meters you have. You will be able to connect your social networks to your apartment and invite people to get to know your virtual property and invite them to see the business you have in real life. Hold virtual parties or exhibitions. By having the NFTs of the first season of founders you will be able to have privileges in future ecosystems such as an opening concert and private exhibitions (you will be able to have first-hand news on the Sparklife networks to have priority to buy and resell) Price of 1,200,000 sps Height bonus 200,000 sps Floors 2 and 3 stake of 1.5% monthly minimum Floors 4 and 5 stake of 2% monthly minimum Floors 6 and 7 stake of 3.5% monthly minimum The stake will start working immediately crypto poker starts working on the ecosystem, the values ​​mentioned are subject to the demand that the Game has both in the web ecosystem and in the metaverse, and its percentage of participation will vary depending on market factors. (Having higher yields depends on the consumption at the base of the building